We have electrical equipment necessary for your project, you can have cable and wire, counduit and fittings, enclosures and boxes, wiring devices and also tools that can facilitate the work and the application of the products.
Cables & Wire
We distribute a line of cables & wire with different characteristics, you'll get to find power cable, aluminum, copper, control, among others.
Conduit & Fittings
We have a full line of conduit & fittings and clamps, hangers, connectors, elbows, monitors, lock, etc.
Enclosures & Boxes
We offer a line of enclosures and boxes with various features and sizes, according to your needs you can find clamshell, commercial and desktop enclosures, accessories, battery enclosures, boxes, cases and many others materials.
Wiring Devices
We have a wide variety of wiring devices such as plugs, switches, contacts, and others to meet their needs.